3 reasons why backpackers should pack light

A backpacker will be happy to carry a bag that fits under the seat of a bus, or they can just take it as a hand luggage on a flight. The basic rule of a backpacker is to carry a pack that is as light as possible. Here are the reasons why.

Makes travel comfortable

If you are a backpacker traveler, then you have to travel by bus, taxis, and other transports that will allow you less room to keep your luggage. So, if you carry something small and light, it will give you a comfortable travel experience. Public transports are normally crowded. You won’t get enough space to keep your bag. So, it will be convenient for you if it’s light.

No need to carry too many clothes

Most of the time, you will be traveling with lots of other people on public transport. So, nobody will care if you wear the same cloth the next day. Also, if you choose the right type of clothes, you won’t need to worry about wearing your cloth being dirty. For example, you can wear jeans many times before washing.

You need to walk a lot

You will need to walk a lot during your trip with your bag. So, the lighter luggage you carry, the easier it is for you to travel. You will be constantly moving around from one place to another, and you will be able to move comfortably if you have a light bag.

Traveling as a backpacker is different than traveling with family. By having light luggage, you will feel independent and free. You will enjoy your trip a lot more.

Infographic by: www.tortugabackpacks.com
Infographic by: www.tortugabackpacks.com