Top 5 cheapest countries to backpack

Going backpacking overseas is one of the most economical ways to see new lands. You will experience new culture, food and make new friends. There are some countries that are very cheap to visit. Here is the list.



If you are looking for backpacking on a budget, then Nepal is the best place to go. You will get to see the Mount Everest and other great mountains. You will love the nature. There are temples throughout the place. India is situated at the border of Nepal. So, if you have the visa, you can go to India by road as well.



This country offers a lot of diversities. Backpacking India is very inexpensive. You will find student hostels across the country. Here you will get everything form desert safaris to the Himalayan Mountains. There are many cheap places to travel in India.



If you are looking for a tropical land with rich culture, then Thailand is a great place to visit. You can visit Bangkok for only $20 a day. You will be able to enjoy the street food and authentic Thai food. You can wander around the Buddhist temples. You will get to see the other architectural masterpieces as well.

Sri Lanka


In Sri Lanka, you can eat at the local cafes, stay in cheap hostels and use the public transportation. You can visit the national parks and archeological sites some of which have free passes.



Indonesia is a beautiful country to visit with thousands of islands. You can start from Sumatra where you can see the waterfall and wild monkeys. Sumba Island is great for beaches. You can do snorkeling, fishing, and surfing.

All you need to do is find economic places to stay, eat street foods and use public transportation. You should also look for places that are not expensive to visit. You will be able to have a wonderful economic backpacking holiday in these destinations.